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Hello ladies,

I apologize for the off topic post, but I wanted to make you aware of some status changes for the community. There have been some changes to the way post moderation works.

I have chosen to leave the settings as follows:
Entries including links to whitelisted domains will be automatically posted. Entries containing links that have not been added to the whitelist will still require manual moderation. To add links to your whitelist, click below.

I have not yet created a set of urls to whitelist

I haven't been aware of a lot of spam coming into the community, so if the request of the community is to return things to fully open posting, I'll be happy to do so. If we stick with moderation for non-whitelisted urls, I ask for your help in developing the whitelist. Comment with urls and I will happily add them.

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Which type of post moderation should we use?

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Answer file

 Hey ladies, 
i need some help i need to create an answer file for windows 2008 and was wondering if you guys had any tips.

Thanks in advance 
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(no subject)

Hello geeky ladies! I've recently started Stemming, a new collaborative blog/community site for women/girls interested in science, tech, engineering, and math, and thought it might be of interest to the community -- it's available at! I hope those who are interested will join and possibly contribute to the blog! rock on, Clara

Hard Drive Questions!

I've been in IT for eight years, but still have enormous gaping  holes of knowledge . . . perhaps because I simply happened into it, and never studied?

Anyhoo, two hard drive questions for you:

first, opinion!  Would you pay $45 for a 7200 rpm 500gb hitachi refurb, or $55 new?  Nothing protects data, and I'm often guilty of buying a new one instead of keeping my warranty information and going through the proper channels when things fail anyway.  The only exception is when I purchase through best buy, because they're the only retailer I've used that keeps my receipt info for me and lets me exchange warranty crap right on site, but then the price doubles!  The extra moolah is almost worth it when I consider how often I've swapped out hard drives, but not really.

Second:  I typically use enclosures or docks at work to make clones of hard drives or transfer data.  Now I need to do both for my home computers.  Can I skip the enclosure and use the second internal bay to get the job done?  Does it work exactly the same way, minus the hot-swapping, or do I need to adjust some things so that windows understands how to recognize the drive the way I want it to?  I realize I should know these things already, but I don't.  

Thanks for your help and opinions!

Scheduled Restart

Hi Ladies!

I'm trying to use a scheduled task to automatically restart a server every so often.

Unfortunately, every time I check the start time on my running tasks through msinfo32, none of them indicate that the machine has been rebooted.

Here's the run path and flags I'm using for the task:
C:\WINDOWS\system32\shutdown.exe -r -d:4:1 -f

Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong?
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(no subject)

Hi girls,
I don’t have any experience in building multi-user program. I have to build a conference program (as study project) and as the first step I should explain the different choices to build it. So I can make it as client-server program, p2p, or “replication” as the instructor said which I didn’t get until now what it does mean. :(
My questions:
  1. Is there other choice for building such programs?
  2. When I search about “replication” I understand it and it is about database usually so it requires server so we return to the client-server model. Is that right?… I really got so confused.
  3. Doesn’t p2p also needs some kind of sever?
  4. How NetMeeting works? I think my program should be similar to it
  5. I think If the program implemented to work in LAN network it MAY doesn’t need server but if it is for the web there should be a server. Am I right?
Horse (thanks peppermintrose)

Moderation Actions

Hi Ladies,

We just had some troubles with a post in here. As a result, I would like to invite all of you to email me or post a comment in my journal if you see anything here that bothers you (my email's listed on the userinfo). I'll deal with things as quickly as I can. I'd appreciate an email if you see a comment thread going in a bad direction. While I try to keep an eye on things, I can't always keep a close eye on everything, so alerts are appreciated.

Have a great week, ladies,

(no subject)

My Sister in Law and I are starting our own business and we can't afford our own site/domain at the moment so we are using AngelFire.  The site itself I used Dreamweaver to do the design because it's quicker for me than typing out all the HTML and easier to link everything up.

I noticed when I was uploading the files to AngelFire that there are already certain files there that have different extensions and I'm not sure if it's ok to delete those files or not. I was working on my degree in Web Tech, but had to change majors (long story) before I got to this part.Screen shot of the problemCollapse )

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